Mrs. Jordan's Fifth Grade

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 Specials for the Week


Monday - P.E.

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Music

Friday -  Lion's Quest


Every digit in a number has a place.  The place is where it is located in terms of where the decimal is.  For example, in the number 3684.26  the number 2 is in the tenths place.  Each digit also has a value.  The number 2 has a value of .2  

You can write this number in short word form.  It would look like this:

3684 and 26 hundredths.

                                                                                  Standard form is written as the number: 


                                                                                   Expanded form is when you stretch the 

                                                                                   number out by each digit's value:

                                                                                   3,000 + 600 + 80 + 4 + .2 + .06


Reading -  Read 20 min

Language- None

Science - None

Social Studies - None

Math - Finish the Space Rock Worksheet