Mrs. Jordan's Fifth Grade

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Calling All Guardians!!!!

We are learning about the importance of COMMAS!!!!  

So far, we have learned that commas are used after 


For example:

Although Dad wanted a big dog ,  we ended up with a small pooch. 

If we don't watch him carefully, the puppy will chew on the couch pillows.   

We also use commas in Direct Address.  

For example:  

How many people are on your team, Mike?  

Hey, Kevin, have you seen my soccer bag?

Would you practice dribbling with me, Lizzie?  

Click HERE for a video on the usage of commas.  

Welcome to our class website! I have created this site to be a bridge between school and home.

For parents, I see it as a means of keeping you up-to-date with the daily happenings at school.

For students, I see it as a way to enhance your learning experience. We will be using computers a lot during the course of the year. This site will provide you with easy access to all of the sites and files you will need as we learn many new and exciting things!

If you have questions, please send me an E-mail; there is a contact button available above. My email is [email protected]g

This site will be updated as often as necessary, however the "Homework" section will be updated daily, so please come back and visit often!

This is a picture of our new classroom!  It is absolutely wonderful!  There is enough space for all of us to spread out for our math dancing, and it's cool and clean.  We will be so happy in this space!  Stop by and check it out!  

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